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I am impressed you made it to this page, that means you really want to get to know me and for that, I salute you. Here are some general things about me. Please use the My Resume page for more information or the form at the end of this page to ask me specific questions. If you want to hire me as a consultant, you can read more by clicking Consulting

Here we go.


My current position is Director of Educational Initiatives with Moody Distance Learning. I am responsible for all new business and educational initiatives as well as leading a team of innovators in developing new and creative initiatives for the oldest Bible College in the United States. I could not think of a more fitting role for me. It is highly challenging, fast-paced, and allows me to serve God and His kingdom worldwide.

I teach on campus and online and have been doing that for the past seven years. My teaching philosophy is summarized by Paulo Freire’s statement: “There is, in fact, no teaching without learning” (Pedagogy of Freedom). I believe that all learners have embedded knowledge and that helps me be humble when interacting with anyone, being a professor only means that you now have the opportunity to learn from more people.

Former CRM Manager (Customer Relationship Management).

I owned my own Web Development and Consulting Company for 10 years prior to going into the Academic world. I love helping people improve their practice.

I have 14+ years of experience with digital literacy and web consulting.


I earned my BS in Computer Science and Marketing from Lucian Blaga in Sibiu, Romania; Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies from Union University in Mill Valley, California; I am currently working on my Ph.D. with Oxford Center for Missions Studies, Oxford, UK. My research is focused on Online Learning and developing a new paradigm for Instructional Design in Distance and Online Education. Just like that, I summarized a large portion of my adult life.


Together with Dianne, my lovely wife, we live in Portland Oregon. We enjoy the West Coast as well as traveling the world any chance we have. We have two daughters, Josephine Kate and Isla Joy. They are our life.


I am actively and passionately involved in community development work in South Sudan with Grain For Pain www.grainforpain.com  and also facebook.com/grainforpain


I am a founding member of the Action Research Network of America, one of the first Action Research professional networks in the United States. More info on www.arnaconnect.org
I have conducted several research projects in US, Europe, Mexico and Africa on various topics such as immigration, family, education and the effects of war on society. I have also been a visiting scholar in China, working with a few local Universities.

I am the Vice-President of ACCESS, The Association of Christian Distance Education. ACCESS provides leadership through resources, online community development, and promotion of various forms of distance education. More info www.accessed.org


I am excited about the opportunity to share the knowledge I acquired these past years with you and to learn from you how to improve what I am doing and the way I share this knowledge with you.

Kind regards,


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