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Some of My Clients:

Emmaus Bible College

Emmaus Bible College, Dubuque, Iowa: 2014


Readiness Assessment for launching an online program. Together with a team of 5 professionals we spent 3 days in Dubuque, IOWA and worked with Emmaus Bible College to assess if they are ready to launch an online program. I consulted on Faculty assessment, faculty training and Instructional Quality.

Oxford Center for Missions Studies

Oxford Center for Missions Studies, Oxford UK: 2012 – 2014


I worked with OCMS in two different instances, two years in a row. I consulted on the website redevelopment and the use of the website in marketing and recruitment. OCSM is undergoing a refocusing of their website, I had the opportunity to consult on the use of web in education and aligning the organization’s business process with the website.

I had a few presentations including teaching a course in the Induction School on The use of Evernote in Research. To find out more about that specific course, please click here.

Samvada Centre for Research Resources

Samvada Centre for Research Resources, New Delhi 2014  touch india trust


Samvada Centre for Research Resources is a research centre with international collaborations offering world-class research programmes in the Human Sciences. With its strong network of scholars and research institutions, Samvada strives to transform society through research and intellectual enquiry while influencing the broader academy through its unique dialogical approach.

Samvada Centre for Research is a project of Touch India Trust. I consulted with the Touch India Trust on Web development and web strategy.
Also, I got to use my expertise in Online Education and consulted on the use of Learning Management Systems in deploying content online. This is a longer project with Touch India Trust, this collaboration is long-term.


AwakenToFollow, Kampala Uganda 2013-2015


Awaken To Follow serves through various ministries including a Worship Training Center (retreats, workshops, etc.), Music Production, Radio /TV programs, Church Tours, Pastors’ Lodge, Women’s Ministry, as well as coming alongside programs already in existence in regards to teaching of doctrine: • Worship school • Music production • Radio/TV programs • Church Tours • Pastor’s Lodge • Women’s ministry
I consulted in the area of Non-profit vision and mission  and Development strategy with Lois Nangudi, the manager and founder of AwakenToFollow.


Areas of expertise:

  • Online Education and Higher Education Administration
  • Change Management Research and Implementation>
  • Web Development Architecture
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • My strength is in the intersection of technology and practice (in any field, especially higher education) as well as impacting sustainable organizational change


 What have other people that worked with me have to say:

“Alin is an excellent thinker with an upbeat personality and an enthusiasm for life and people that is infectious in his work and personal life. Alin’s ability to think across multiple disciplines, particularly education, marketing, action research, and technology, makes him an asset in any environment. It has been a pleasure to get to know and work with Alin.” James Spencer, Vice President and Dean, Moody Distance Learning

“Alin is a brilliant mind with a passion to make both the organization and people around him better in every way. He would be an invaluable resource to any organization or academic institution. He’s also someone you can fully trust- he’s the type of person you just want to work with. Everything he touches flourishes. Christian Martinsen, Moody Distance Learning

“I can wholly recommend, without any reservations, Alin as a higher education professional in a variety of roles, especially in the capacity of administrator. His experience and leadership have proved a personal boon to me, and I am confident that entire institutions have that much more to benefit from his presence and activities.” Dan Cure, Technical Writer at Renkim Corporation
Alin is a pleasure to work alongside in directing the instructional quality and instruction design departments here at Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning. He is a gifted communicator and able to find solutions to problems through a keen understanding of education and technology. Beside that he’s a great friend and confidante and is a delight to be around! Kevin Mahaffy, Director of Instructional Design, MDL

My students said:

“Thank you, Alin, for this course! It has been more than mind-opening for me and I have learned a great deal. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it, but you were right all along–yes, I very much enjoyed it! I was challenged, and I believe the Spirit helped me to grow and mature in some respects during this course. Thank you for all you’ve done to present an intense, fascinating, valuable course! Blessings” D. A. – Theology & Practice of Intercultural Ministry

“You are a tremendous teacher!  Thank you for making this class fun, practical and for being so encouraging to us throughout the process. I also enjoyed your passion, your videos and your tremendous knowledge of the subject matter.  I really appreciated having a chance to speak to you directly as we were nailing down our projects as well.  You expressed a lot of faith in me to pursue my topic and it gave me courage to try something I was not confident would work at all. I hope you will continue with this program for many cohorts to come because you are a wonderful cheerleader to help us put our studies into practice.” A.R. Action Research, MAABS
“I just wanted to thank you for being my professor! It was great! I was actually quite dreading being in your class at first because you seemed quite strict with the deadlines and requirements and because of the pressure I already put on myself for those things, I thought it would just be more stressful. On the contrary, you were my favorite professor this term, and are in my top two favorites for the year!  This was definitely my favorite class I took this year, and all your encouragement was so refreshing! The only thing I’m sad about is that I couldn’t be in more real live classes with you, because I love your teaching style! I also want to specifically thank you for adding written feedback to most of my assignments in the grade book. Thank you also for your weekly videos, and especially the analogies you gave at the beginning of the video each week. Often those analogies were what helped to keep me going when I was completely worn out. Thank you for all you’ve done this term! You are a great professor and I hope to cross pathways again sometime in the future! ” Kayla, Christian Missions

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